Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Sister Nielson

 Claire is officially SISTER NIELSON!
Last night she was set apart as a full-time missionary!!
On Claire's last day as Claire she:
-Woke up early and went errand running with Jane;
grocery shopping, last-minute missionary shopping,
and to the bank to get some papers notarized.
-Then she and Jane played paper dolls 
with Lottie in front of the fireplace.
Over the past few weeks, Claire has spent hours making Lottie customized 
paper dolls with hundreds of clothes, shoes, and animals.
 It's the cutest thing in the world.
And I know today meant so much to Lottie who absoutley idolizes Claire.
-And then we all watched The Phantom of the Opera movie
since it's one of Claire's favorites.
Then we drove to the Stake Center and our amazing
stake president counseled Claire and our family about missionary work,
and Claire's role as a representative of the Savior.
We read from the scriptures together and talked about the Christ
and His light and how Claire has the ability to share that light and the
Good News of the gospel to the Brazilians.
I am so excited and SO PROUD of her!  My heart was bursting all night.
Then each of us shared our feelings about Claire's choice to serve
and our love and devotion to the Savior.
Claire's example to the rest of the Nies is everything.
 It was a very, very inspirational and unforgettable experience.
Then we went to dinner.
She looked so cute eating a burrito with her Portuguese nametag on.
I'm so grateful she'll be at home for another 6 weeks
engaging in her missionary training virtually.
I can't handle her leaving yet!

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