Friday, January 08, 2021

Goodbye 2020, Welcome 2021!!

 This is officially the last of my Holiday blogging festivities 
(well, until the next big thing--or holiday).
On Sunday, January 3rd we celebrated the New Year 
with our traditional feast and goal writing.  I decorated the table 
using our old 2020 monthly calendar- good riddance!
We dressed in our best, most sparkly clothes and during dinner, 
we discussed the pros and cons of the year 2020.
I wrote them down as we talked about them
Here are a few:
Home church
Home School
More home time without feeling like hermits.
Plans & everything canceled
Topher died
Masks/political unrest
The list was long (for both sides) but the pros were actually
 more substantial and meaningful than our list of cons.
But as an introverted mother with 5 introverted children,
 2020 actually was our year.
We sat around the table laughing at the 
best of the best and the worst of the worst.
I mean, Claire's plans completely changed.
 Then we broke last year's bubblie bottle which held our 2020 letters
that we wrote last year.
Reading them was funny, and to be honest, a little discouraging.
My goals seem to always be the same, and I can never quite reach them.
Maybe this year?....
Our oven decided to stop working while the rolls were cooking
then I had to abort the mission and finish cooking them
in our grill outside.  They were floppy and sad.  Our "21" looked pathetic.
I hope it's not foreshadowing!
Claire used her wax sealing kit to close our paper goals,
then and we rolled them up and plopped them in a bubblie bottle
for next year.  (Without Claire. I'm crying. I need to stop).
After dinner we moved into the living room and Jane made everyone drinks.
I got her a mocktail book and supplies for Christmas and she made
some of the coolest and wierdest drinks.
We, non-drinkers, don't venture out much, I guess.  I mean,
who would put an olive or raw egg white in their drink?  
Turns out, I really LIKED having an olive in my drink.

Drawing near to the Lord brings comfort and encouragement, hope and healing. 
So, we pray in His name about our worries and our weaknesses, 
our longings and our loved ones, our callings and our questions.

Then we listen.

If we will stay on our knees for a while after we finish 
our prayer, thoughts, feelings, and direction will come into our mind. 
Recording those impressions will help us remember what
 actions the Lord would have us take.

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