Friday, December 18, 2020

St. Lucia Feast 2020

 On December 13th we celebrated St. Lucia Day.
Last year Claire was our adorable Lucia and this year
 Jane donned the crown of candles.  
A few days before the 13th, the boys set up the
 Luminaries on the front lawn to welcome
 glorious St. Lucia and they will stay up until the New Year.
This year Jane and I (Lottie too!) made Danish braids
 with raspberry and chocolate with cream cheese.  
Jane also made Lussekatter- 
or Lucia Buns which are sweet buns made with saffron.  
They were a beautiful golden yellow color and delicious!
I researched to find beautiful quotes from prophets and
 church leaders about Jesus Christ being the true source of light on the earth. 
 I printed them out and put them under each plate.  
Each of the Nies (and me and Christian) read them around the table
 sharing our testimony and thoughts about the quote we read.
It was probably the best part of the night.
There were tears and gratitude shared
 for the Savior and his birth, life, and LIGHT!
Then Jane and I disappeared into my bedroom to transform her into
 the beautiful Lucia while everyone grazed at the table a little longer.
It's an honor to be Lucia, and we take this very seriously.  
(Lottie is so excited to be her next year!).
I helped Jane escape outside without being noticed so she could ring the
 doorbell to be let in the house with her tray of goodies.  
By this time everyone in the house was singing Christmas carols.  
It was magic.
After Lucia passed out the goodies we sat in the candlelight drinking 
 It's so thick and rich we have tiny little 2 ounce cups to drink it from.  
Honestly, I can't even drink ONE ounce!  I call it liquid gold.
Then we pilled in the car and drove Lucia around to some of 
our favorite friends and shared treats with them. 
 This year was a little different with Covid because our treats
were not handmade and Lucia wore a mask when she rang 
the doorbell to drop them off.  
But it was still a beautiful experience!
I set the table with as many candles as I 
could and used our best dishes.  
The St. Lucia Feast is one of our favorite traditions of the year!  

"It is not possible for you to sink lower than the infinite 
light of Christ’s Atonement shines."

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