Monday, November 02, 2020

Home Church Week #32 /My Savior's Love

 Yesterday in Home Church we discussed why developing spiritual
 qualities give us spiritual power and influence in our lives,
especially when we are young.
We studied the great prophet Mormon, and his example in The Book of Mormon.
He was such an amazing leader at such a young age and 
 followed Christ unapologetically and passionately. 
(I wish he were running for president).
We read in the scriptures about all his inspiring qualities 
and then we each shared our favorite qualities in each other. 
 It was very sweet (and funny too).
My children are amazing and have beautiful qualities
that have shaped them into who they are today.
And they are good!
Last Friday all five of the Nies jumped 
in the car with Claire at the helm.
They were headed out to grab a few last-minute
 items for their Halloween costumes.
I followed them outside to the car.
 Jane sat upfront and passed her phone to the backseat where
everyone could pick a song to add to her playlist while running around town.
Then off they drove off waving to me out the window.
My heart was bursting! 
I walked back into the chilly garage and said a prayer out loud 
thanking God for my children.
I'm so grateful that they love each other and that they get along so well.
I love them more than words could say.  
I also thanked God for my health and the blessing it is to be alive!
  I thanked Him for our cooler weather,
the gorgeous bright October leaves, and even for Halloween!
I thanked Him for the family memories and traditions 
 that we've created together over the years that have brought us so close.
I thanked Him for all these things because I know
He knows me so well, and I know that He cares.
And lastly, I thanked Him for the influence of the Holy Ghost 
that allows me to feel my Savior's love in all the world around me.

Halloween was amazing! (Posting tomorrow)

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