Tuesday, November 24, 2020

#GiveThanks/Driving with Ollie

 Today I was so thankful for Ollie who drove me around to three 
different grocery stores and my eye appointment
where we had to wait for 45 minutes
to even get in to see the doctor.  He never complained once. 
Then he pushed our 600-pound cart full of Thanksgiving food and ingredients
 around the store (with a wonky wheel too) and all he asked for
 was a box of cookies 'n cream Pop-Tarts for his treat drawer in his room.  Done.
We must have laughed for 10 minutes straight while in Walmart
and I don't even remember why.
I have so much love and gratitude in my heart for my strong teenage son!
We had some really fabulous conversations and all I could think about was
that one day soon he'd up and leave on a mission and then to school, and then
he'd fall in love and get married and so these little moments together
running errands were like nuggets of gold in my life.
On the way home, we listened to Johnny Mathis sing Christmas songs
and talked about his 16th birthday in January and subsequent big first date!
I was also very, VERY grateful for Jane who held down the homeschool fort for
me while I ran these errands!
And now I'm (pretty much) ready for Thanksgiving!  Yay! 
Today on my social media I wrote about how
 grateful for my siblings on both sides and our big families! 
I'm grateful for their perspectives, ideas, 
and the support they've been all my life.
 They've helped shape my childhood and raise me and my own children.
 Families take work and patience, love, and forgiveness. 
I'm so grateful that the Savior helps heal families, 
He blesses relationships, and because of Him,
 I'll see Topher and Christian's sister, Charity again!!!!
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