Friday, November 20, 2020

First day of 3rd Grade!! (again).

It was a BIG day for Lottie...she finally went to her FIRST DAY of in-person SCHOOL!!!!
She only attends two days a week and will Zoom the other three days.
We'll see how it goes.
She was really nervous- especially about having to wear a mask all day, and
I don't blame her; that would also send me over the edge. 
When I dropped her off, a masked teacher took her forehead temp, gave her the thumbs up, and walked away. She looked at me and said:
 "Mom, I don't know what I'm doing.  
Where do I go? I don't know what I'm doing."
As a strict rule per-covid, parents are not allowed to get out of their cars 
 to help assist children, so I helplessly watched her fumble around
 until we both had tears in our eyes. I yelled out the window to her as the
carpool director waved me on:
 "Just walk into school and ask someone for help!  
You can do it! I love you so much! I'll see you at 3:00!!!"
Then she turned her little head around and timidly walked inside.  
I couldn't wait for 3:00 so I could pick her up.
As I drove away from the carpool lane,
I cried like I did when I dropped Claire off at kindergarten.
But as it turns out, she had a great day but said she didn't want to go back.
I mean, how can school compete with home school?
It's been pretty awesome doing school sitting next to me and everyone
 at the table while listening to music, eating snacks, and drinking tea
with breakfast on the cold mornings.
It sure beats waking up extra early, driving in the cold car, and saying goodbye.
Seriously, how could school possibly compete with that? 
Especially for a family of homebodies!
We'll give you a week, I said.
If I didn't LOVE her teacher, I'd have given it up already.
(I am soooo grateful for teachers!)
* * * * *
Spiritual Enlightenment:
I am SO looking forward to the Prophet's message today!!  
Happy weekend! (Is it time to pull out the Christmas decorations yet??)

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