Friday, November 06, 2020


 Claire turned 19 on October 29th, 2020!

It was a pretty typical Claire birthday; lunch out, 
Anthropologie presents, and chocolate cake.

I bought Claire six new latte bowls for her future family.
She's on her way to having a fun, colorful collection.
 In the evening, we talked about why we love Claire and 
with giant slices of rich chocolate cake, we sipped a delicious
Autumn tea blend with Claire's new glass teapot from Jane.
In the afternoon, Claire got an e-mail that informed her that her mission
application was "ready for assignment," which meant that an Apostle
of the Lord had reviewed her application and perfectly assigned her where 
she'd be serving and teaching people about Jesus Christ for the
The next 18 months of her life.  
That was a very special way to celebrate her 19th year of life.

I love my Claire!

* * * * * *

"In a democratic government we will always have differences 
over proposed candidates and policies. However, as followers
 of Christ we must forgo the anger and hatred with which 
political choices are debated or denounced in many settings."

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