Tuesday, October 13, 2020

October Friend Dinner.

 Over the weekend, some of the Nies' friends hosted a 
fancy beautiful October dinner where they 
 were required to wear formal attire.
(BTW: Gigs put his shoes on in the car)
Jane made some beautiful orchid barrettes for her hair
and one for Oliver's lapel.
Then in the pouring rain, the three of them (Claire was at work)
pilled into our car and drove off, leaving me, Lottie, and Christian
home alone together.  
Inside I lit candles, and Lottie made a Halloween book
 (titled: "The Lonely Ghost") on the living room floor
while Christian and I watched the BYU football game on the couch. 
That's my kind of weekend.

On another note,
I wish the dating scene here was a little more robust.
My girls never go out, and they should because they are
so darling and wonderful!!
It's a different world these days, I guess.
But Oliver is really excited to turn 16 and begin dating in January.
He just got a job working at a golf shop up the road from The White House,
and it's close enough that he can ride his dirt bike there.
Go, Ollie!

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