Friday, October 16, 2020

Don't Be Afraid!

I remember the day this photo was taken by my good friend, Justin Hackworth
in 2009, a year after my accident.
Under my clothes, compression garments covered me from the neck down.
I was uncomfortable and in pain a lot of times, and 
I hated the way I looked.
Some days were good, and other days were really bad.
But this day was one of the good ones.
My children were back in my life, and our relationships were normalizing.  
My hair was growing, I had more energy, and was started to hike again.
It's no secret that my accident changed me in every way,
and I am physically reminded of it every day when I look in the mirror.
I found this quote by Church leader James E. Faust 
shortly after my accident and have held
it close to my heart ever since.  
It's also sparked in me a fascination with the 
influential heroine Joan of Arc, who was burned at the stake
for her unshaken faith in God.
"To other girls in the fifteenth century, 
Joan of Arc was very different. 
Don't be afraid to be different in our century! 
Sometimes we have to be different to maintain . . . standards.
 So I repeat, don't be afraid to be different, but be as good as you can be."
What wise counsel and words!!
This is what I what my children- especially my girls to emulate and know.
Don't be afraid of being different BECAUSE of your standards!
Girls today are being taught to be different without direction,
just for the sake of being different.

Yes, be different!  But be different AND 
be good AND have standards!!

Spiritual Enlightenment: Don't Be Afraid to Be Different

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