Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Something Brewing

Something was definitely brewing over The White House tonight.
As I was making chili for dinner, my kitchen got really dark
 and the wind began wildly blowing the ribbons on our porch swings.
I left the garlic on the chopping board and ran 
outside with the Nies to enjoy the weather.
After dinner, we watched the debates
and it all made sense about what was brewing: 
the dark, confusing, chaotic debates!  
After we turned off the TV we all knelt down to have family prayer.
I thanked God that this weekend we have the opportunity to
hear from a prophet of God who shares the message of
Jesus Christ and His light and peace.
Christ is light, He is clear, true, calm, and soothing.
He is the opposite of the world.
As I crawled into bed I reflected on our newest family theme this year
and how thankful I am that we picked these wise words for our family:

I'm SO ready to HEAR HIM this weekend!!!

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