Monday, August 31, 2020

Home Church Week 25/ Proof


On Sunday during Home Church, we discussed the importance of following

 a prophet of God.  We discussed the beautiful talk "Hear Him"

 by our prophet Russell M. Nelson.  

This talk is very special to our family because it is where our

newest family theme comes from.

We each took a turn and talked about why we feel

 it's important to be able to 'Hear Him' in these hard confusing "last" days.

We talked about situations in the scriptures where people listened

 and heeded the prophet and the times when people didn't listen

 to the prophet, and how different the outcome was. (Noah, Moses, Nephi, Lehi).  

There were times in the scriptures when people would believe 

in the prophets, if only they could see a sign-

they needed and wanted proof.

We are taught that signs and miracles are helpful but 

not sufficient to build enduring faith.

I am a physical reminder to myself of miracles in my life, 

and yet sometimes I even wonder and worry if my prayers are being answered.

I love the scripture in Doctrine and Covenants 63:9,

 "But, behold, faith cometh not by signs, but signs follow those that believe."

* * * * *

Unfortunately, we took Umi to the airport to catch her plane back to Utah.

I was so sad to see her pack up and leave.  

The day after she left I woke up feeling empty.

 Our family has LOVED having her around The White House.

I felt glad that I had on my mask as I was waving goodbye while she

 walked through airport security because of 

the epic landslide of tears rolling down my cheeks.

Most mornings while she was here, she'd sit at the school table and listen,

observe, answer questions, and she even joined in 

Lottie's third-grade zoom class!

* * * *

We're back to another week of virtual/homeschool learning,

and this is the last day of August.  Time is flying by.

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