Thursday, July 02, 2020

Catching up

One of my dearest best friends Paige moved back to Utah.
I feel really sad knowing she isn't minutes away from me anymore.
Coincidently, Paige and I have raised our families in New Jersey, Utah, 
and North Carolina at the SAME TIME!
I like to think we will be reunited again...somewhere. 
(Fingers crossed)

The Nielson family discovers the fantastic game of 
Clue, now we're obsessed and we play it together 
 almost every night after dinner.

Lottie gets a new Electra bike with ice cream cones on it.
At first, she made us lower the seat as low as it could go
because her other bike was much smaller and she was nervous
riding such a big bike.
She's since requested it to be higher.

Shopping with a mask is our new normal, and I hate it.
(Especially since my left ear is half-way burned off.)

Mr. Nielson and the boys made me a porch swing for
my birthday!!!  I love it so much and spend every
non-humid afternoon I possibly can enjoying it.
But in the evenings we all lounge outside hanging out together.
It's our favorite time of day.
I've even requested another swing for the other side of the porch.

North Carolina summers are the best!

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