Tuesday, June 02, 2020

Silver Linings

Lottie is the type of child who is always planning something;
a talent show, a cafe, stuffed animal show, 
drawing & painting contests, animal training, 
and today she invited us to a family tea party.  
She handwrote each family member a unique invitation to 
the party followed by a printed ticket with a 
hand drawn My Little Pony character.
All morning she was prepping for family fun by carrying several loads
of dishes, treats, cheese and crackers along with 
 seven cups/saucers and lemonade into her room.
Every three minutes she would yell
 "The tea party is starting nowwwwwww!" 

Finally we stopped what we were doing and made our way upstairs
where she stood in front of her door punching each of our tickets,
(along with a light spritz of delicious spray) then she guided us
into her room which was turned into a cafe with pillows and chairs.
For the next hour, she had our undivided attention.
She poured us all lemonade then handed out the first activity:
Play-Doh. (The new smelly kind, hello, cotton candy!!).
 With the Play-Doh she wanted us to have a contest
 to see who could make the best creation.

There were snakes, bugs, flowers, rings, and pooh (of course).
For the next activity, she had drawn lines on seven
separate pieces of paper and asked each of us to
  create something with the line she started.
We voted Oliver's the best because he had drawn from 
a slanted line a blow-up balloon man that you see at car dealerships and cellphone stores.
The last activity was our favorite family card game, Dutch Blitz.
But all things must come to an end and the boys started
being silly laughing at dumb things and not paying attention to Lottie.

So I excused the doofuses and then peace was restored.
I was actually pretty proud they played two rounds of games with us.
After when we were walking downstairs I mentioned to Christian that
this family moment would not have happened if we weren't all stuck at home together.
I guess there are some silver linings to the situation we are all still in.
As for what is going on in our country, I am so sick that I can't
even type about it right now.
There are so many thoughts in my heart.
(I love you Topher!)

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