Monday, June 29, 2020

Home Church Week 15 / I turn 39.

Today in Home church, we discussed what we 
were willing to give up to know God.
What habits, sins, or wrong-doings can we fix or change
to know and have a more personal relationship with Jesus Christ
and His teachings. 
I love my children's responses and questions. 
I love that they engage, study the scriptures, 
and participate in our home church sessions.
(Sometimes Oliver falls asleep...BUT other than that, it's great).

And last Saturday, June 27th, I turned 39, and we went to the beach
 in Willmington, along with every other household in North Carolina.
The beaches were crowded but thinned out considerably as the day
 went on, and it turned out to be a wonderful beach day.
But at first, I admit, I was a little grouchy when we 
couldn't find a parking spot or a place to put down
 the towels without walking 4 miles.  

Also to note, I recently was fitted for an Invisalign for my 
bottom teeth since they got all jumbled up when I hit 
them on my knees in our plane crash 12 years ago.
And that kind of made me grouchy since my mouth really hurt,
It feels like 1997 when I got braces.
We spent the whole day on the beach enjoying the weather,
warm water, and relaxing.
When the sun started fading, we grabbed dinner 
before heading back home.
 (Salads for me, Mr. Nielson, and the girls,
a sub for Gigs, and Mexican food for Lottie and Ollie. 
 Eating out is such a hassle with picky eaters).

We rolled home around 10:00, and my Little Nies
gave me a present: a tortilla press!! I've wanted one of these forever.

When everyone was clean and put away
and the house quiet; I sat on my bed, ready to end a great day, when Mr. Nielson walked into my room with a guitar in his hand.  
He walked over to me and told me he had one more birthday present.
Then he told me he had been practicing a song to sing to me 
for my birthday for months.
And not just any song, OUR SONG "No Fear of Heights."
by Katie Melua (and our 2020 Valentine's Day song).
In all our 19 years of marriage, he has never sung to me before, and
Mr. Nielson has the most beautiful deep voice!
 (Let's not forget that he was in a band in HS).
It was very emotional for both of us, and 
that made it the most epic birthday ever!

I was so thankful for all the well-wishes 
and love from so many! Thank you!

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