Thursday, June 04, 2020

Falcon 9

Last week our family gathered around the tv to watch
Falcon 9 liftoff from American soil
sending Crew Dragon to orbit on its first flight
 with NASA astronauts to the International Space Center.
 It was a huge success and thrilling to watch as
 astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley zoomed up into space
in a perfect launch!
On Sunday after home church, we watched again as they
 docked and entered the ISS greeted by fellow astronauts.
I felt so very patriotic and proud of the United States and the world!
Lottie was feeling the excitement and made her favorite
stuffed animal Oliver a spacesuit out of tinfoil and a granola bar box.
 (About 30 bars were dumped out in the pantry).

Last night at 9:52 we spread blankets on the lawn and 
watched Crew Dragon way up in the space fly over
 The White House and our sleepy city.
It was inspiring and beautiful.
I know there are so much turmoil and pain going on in our country,
but I felt like this was a breath of fresh air 
and a boost of hope.
God bless America and our brave space explorers!

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