Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Burned on day 2


It rained pretty heavy during the night, but we managed to find
a few hours of sun in the afternoon.
It was often chilly and windy, but that didn't stop us from 
having a wonderful time on the beach or getting
a little too much sun.
The Nielson's are little vampires (except Gigs) and sunscreen
 needs to be reapplied several (like every hour) times a day or we burn. 
 And I wasn't being a very good mommy, so we basically all burned.  
I swear I do this at the beginning of every summer.

On the beach, I recapped Topher's funeral and it felt nice to talk about him,
we also talked about Claire's cute new SHORT haircut, and her
summer plans to go abroad. (Hopefully).

In the evening we slathered on the aloe, took some Advil, and
watched the fantastic lightning show over the angry ocean from our porch.
But I think best of all was Lottie and Ada back together again.
Amy and I were talking about their little friendship and how 
they were besties before they could even speak.  
Together they went through binkies, diapers, and potty-training.
 I'm glad we have a few more days together!
Goodbye today from the lobster family

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