Monday, April 27, 2020

Pizza Night at The White House

Pizza night on the weekends still lives on in the Nielson home!
After a pretty rough week of stress and homeschool,
we celebrated the weekend with homemade pizza,
and my amazing chocolate cake.
Not to brag or anything, but my chocolate cake is pretty amazing.
because it's SUPER amazing the next day, or even 
on the third day--if it lasts that long.
The Nies kept asking me why I made the cake because usually I only
make it for a celebration, and I told them I made it
because I was grumpy.
I also told them that I added a secret ingredient to the cake
 and whoever could guess it "won the prize" and we all know
there is never a real prize, I just say that.
They must have guessed for 20 minutes.
I told them it's brown, it's a powder, and it starts with the letter "P".
Can you guess?
I am convinced that there is no better
union than chocolate cake and Dr. Pepper.

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