Thursday, April 16, 2020

Among the graves

After our delicious Easter dinner on Sunday we decided 
to get in the car and go for a drive.  
Going for a drive is a Nielson favorite and has been for forever,
but since the quarantine, we seem to be going on more of them.
But this drive was different.  This time we decided to visit
one of the oldest churchyard cemeteries in town;
a small peaceful graveyard dotted with spring blossoms and dogwood trees.
Some of the headstones go back to the 1700s!!
It was such a wonderful way to end our
 Resurrection Sabbath aka: Easter Sunday.  
We talked about the Ressurection of Christ who
broke the bands of death so we can all live again after we die.
How amazing to think that all these people lying in graves
in a quaint little churchyard in North Carolina
will one day have the opportunity to live again!!
For me, that promise is overwhelmingly marvelous.
I've had several conversations with Lottie about the Ressurection and
what it means, and how it will happen.
I don't know all the details, but I KNOW it will happen.
Lotite asked me if she would know and recognize me
 when my scars are gone and I am made whole again.  
I told her that maybe our spirits don't recognize bodies
as much as they know and recognize hearts,
 and she would know me by my "mother heart."
While we were at the cemetery it began to rain slightly and the sun
had gone to sleep, it was time to head home.
Visiting the cemetery is now part of our glorious Easter traditions
 forever and ever, and such a wonderful way to
reflect on the Savior and His redeeming love for ALL His children.

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