Friday, March 27, 2020

We've Come to This.

Well, the Nies have resorted to playing in the nearby irrigation pond
for fun these days.
There are about 4 billion little secluded ponds- and just in our little neighborhood,
and today after "school" Gigs rigged up a homemade 
fishing rod and drove the bucket bike with Lottie and the kayak inside
to one of these murky ponds.
Lottie was securely fastened in the back 
of the bike with her lifejacket on and her
 orange hair blowing in the wind.
She held on tightly to her little pink kyack while Gigs peddled out of sight.
A few hours later Mr. Nielson took his motorcycle to check on the pair, 
and it seems no fish were biting and the air was a bit chilly for Lottie.
BUT they had a lot of fun and I foresee this being  
a regular occurrence during the lockdown.
This might take on a whole new level of the world "cabin fever".
Per President Nelson's request, our family is joining 
our fellow Latter-Day Saints in a 
special fast with the rest of 
the world on March 29th for relief both the COVID-19.
Join us!!

* * * * * * *
Spiritual Enlightenment: (and what I am studying)
-Women and the Priesthood-
“How I yearn for you to understand that the restoration
 of the priesthood is just as relevant to you as a woman as it is to any man,
“Every woman and every man who makes
 covenants with God and keeps those covenants, 
and who participates worthily in priesthood ordinances, 
has direct access to the power of God. … 
I entreat you to study prayerfully all the truths
 you can find about priesthood power.”
-President Russell M. Nelson

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