Thursday, March 05, 2020


After family prayer/scriptures, I put Lottie to bed around 9:00
and left the other Nies upstairs to put themselves to bed.
They usually go to bed at a decent hour, but sometimes they
stay up late, and I can hear them talking
 and laughing together well into the night.
All I know is that I'm checked out and in my bed 
(with the mattress heater on).

But last night, before I finally made my way to bed,
I walked around the house for one last pick-up and
walked into the bathroom to find little dirty
 footprints on the top of the toilet seat. 
 Lottie uses the toilet as a stool to wash her hands. 
Then I felt emotional as I reflected earlier in the day when
 Claire was outside with Lottie playing soccer on our front lawn.
Charlotte is in a Spring soccer league, and Claire 
was practicing with her while I made dinner.

I caught a glimpse of the two of them out the window, and my heart swelled. 
Claire, who is ten years older than Lottie, will one day 
be gone and on her own, and sometimes
 I worry Lottie won't remember living with her. 
 I have limited memories of living with my sister Page-
who is 10 years older than me,
 but the memories I do have are amazing.
Page and I became even better friends when I grew up, got married,
and began having children. We have a few kids the same age, and it
was fun being pregnant at the same time.
My hope is the same for my girls.

I'm so grateful to be a mother of daughters.

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