Tuesday, February 04, 2020

The only one

This is the only photo I took today.
I was making dinner and Lottie was doing her math homework.
The weather was a lovely 72 degrees....72 degrees on February 3rd!  
I will admit, I enjoyed it.
I bought Lottie a little soccer ball while I was out today since she is
 going to be playing spring soccer.
After school we went outside on the lawn with the boys
 and had a little soccer game.
(You know I did play on a competition 
soccer team when I was a teenager. Go Provo Strikers!)
When the sun began setting and the temperature dropped significantly,
we came inside to a nice warm pot of curry that I had simmering on the stove.
Then we had a wonderful conversation about social media, and the
effects it has on our lives and interactions with others.
We set some boundaries, family goals, and talked about how
we can support each other with our efforts.
I told the children an experience I had when I felt a distinct impression
from the Holy Ghost that has changed a social media habit I had.
God can help us, lift us, and change us if we listen. 

We also talked in length about the dangers of pornography and 
what to do when we unexpectedly or accidentally see it on our devices.
The Nies are good and smart, and I totally trust them.

Hey Mr. Nielson....come home now, I really miss you!

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