Friday, January 31, 2020

While you were away...

Dear Mr. Nielson,

Here is what's going on with your family
while you are on your World Tour:

The boys FINALLY picked up all of Angus's poops
 in the backyard:
They used one of the clear (of course, clear) bread bags
 and filled it full. Ollie said it weighed probably 7 pounds.  
(The gold confetti from our New Year celebration was mixed in the bag).
* *
I picked up Jane and Ollie from their FFA meeting, and just
 like always, they raced for shotgun. And just like always 
Ollie won, and Jane was super mad because, with her little
legs, she'll never beat Ollie in that race.
Keep trying, Jan!
 (Remember that sometimes I call Jane "Jan").
* *
Claire and I worked on answering all of her college e-mails,
 and worked on the final application stuff.
Then we paid for her summer study abroad fee (YIKES!).
* *
When 10:00 rolled around, Gigs decided it would be a great time
to finish that 5 stanza poem for English class.  
Claire saved the day and helped him while I put Lottie down for bed.
(I'm soooooo grateful for Claire).
* *
Lottie came home from school with an amazing
bubblie below her lip:
Then Nicholas teased her that she got it because she was
 kissing Ace in her class.  
That made her super mad, obvs.  
* * 
My desk at home still looks like a mess with ripped out
 magazine page ideas from Christmas...CHRISTMAS!
* *
And I got a bunch of Valentine's magazines in the mail today.
I'll just add them 
to the giant stack of magazines from
 November, I have in the basket.
* *
AND...January is a goner; time to turn the calendar!
I love doing that!

Happy Weekend honey; we (especially me) miss and love you!

Spiritual Enlightenment: True Friends
"All of us will be tested. And all of us need true friends to love us, 
to listen to us, to show us the way, and to testify of truth to us."

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