Monday, December 30, 2019

Merry Christmas 2019.

Merry Christmas 2019:

The kids woke up around 8:30.
I was a little surprised they slept in that long,
I am sure Lottie was up hours before begging the bigger kids to wake up.
They all snuggled in the girl's room for the night. 
(I'm actually surprised they slept at all!).
They covered their heads with a blanket and then walked down the
stairs to our bedroom so they wouldn't see the gifts in the living room.
I used to do this with my family in my childhood home.

Mr. Nielson and I started breakfast, 
the usual ebelskivers with every topping you could imagine.

The Nies couldn't wait a single second for me to open up the
gift they all picked out for me.  It was a German Christmas Pyramid.  
I've wanted one of those for a long time. It's so cute!
I lit it the second I opened it up.  In fact, I keep it lit all the time.
 I estimate we've burned through nearly 200 candles this 
autumn/winter season and still going strong.
I found Lottie's note to Santa's "rain deer" upstairs near the window.
I guess Gigs put the apple on the least, I hope it was Gigs!

Favorite gifts:
  Hygge-socks, books, dolls & school, customized belt-buckle
for Mr. Nielson, a Lego train track, and Lottie made me a cute
candle holder in school.  

Once evening came, I made Christmas enchiladas, and we finished
our Mission Impossible movie marathon.
It was a beautiful day, and I am sad it's over.

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