Thursday, December 26, 2019

Lille Julaften 2019

For the past seven December 23rd's,
 our family has celebrated the Scandinavian holiday, Lille Julaften  
or "little Christmas Eve".
We usually dress up in our best and eat Scandinavian foods,
we talk about our amazing heritage, and
and sing around the Christmas tree.  

Just kidding about singing around the Christmas tree, but
maybe I can get everyone to do that next year.
It was a lovely evening together- as always.
On the Menu:
Pomegranate in honey sauce
Lemon codfish
Cucumber dill salad dressed in straight-up vinegar
Mixed green salad with Parmesan
Butter roll wreath
Grilled fingerling potatoes
White grape juice bubblie
* * *
Chocolate peppermint cheesecake
Coconut hot chocolate
(or we call it liquid gold because it is so
thick we have to drink it from small mugs and cups).

A few days earlier I had my boys put up our luminaries in preparation
for Lille Julaften, Christmas Eve, and Christmas night.

I wanted the lights to line our front walkway to our front door.
The luminaries also remind me of our Christmas in 2017 at the ranch.
Lots of New Mexicans decorate their homes with them.
They are beautiful!

 Merry Christmas White House!

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