Friday, October 18, 2019

Utah in October

Of course our first day in Utah took us to some of our
favorite places in Provo for lunch and treats.
Then we drove around the city enjoying the Fall color 
and admiring the majestic mountains.
Then Lottie started coughing,  I thought it was post-airplane cough, 
but as the day went on she coughed more, and now has a raging fever.  
What a bummer!  Poor girl!! 
We are staying at a cabin on a hidden road up Sundance canyon.
and it is gorgeous.  The house is covered with pine trees, and fall color and
a little river rushing by.  It's ideal, and I am sooo happy.
After a fun day in Provo with my parents, Lucy, and her cute family,
we drove back to Sundance, changed our clothes, then left Mr. Nielson 
and Lottie in the hot tub and met back in Provo to attend a high-fitness class
at my brothers cross-fit studio with some of my sisters, in-laws, and nieces.  
 My niece LoLo was the instructor, 
and it was funny, and hard, and super super funny.
As the class went on, I realized that I am not very funny or coordinated,
which is kind of important in a hf class.
After the girls and I grabbed some tea and hot chocolate
 at the store and then we drove back to the cabin in a blistery Provo storm.
It could not be more ideal weather for me.

The boys are going on the traditional "deer camp" tomorrow,
and the girls and I have some fun plans together consisting of
dinner and movie-watching up here at the cozy cabin, and
I hope Lod feels up to it!

Have a happy weekend!

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