Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Sending It.

Every time Mr. Nielson and the boys go out on a dirt bike ride 
I pray that everything and everyone will be safe.
  I try not to stress about them especially since I know they are having the time
 of their lives riding around the orange dirt paths,
or through the trees, and over the jumps- their favorite.
Just like always the girls and I meet our motorcycle 
maniacs at a restaurant for dinner at the end of the day.  
We talk about the boys exciting adventures
and the sweet jumps they took.
This time was a little different as I saw 
Oliver hobble out of Christian's truck.
His jersey and pants were ripped and a
 tire track slid down his backside.  
It kind of looked like a Halloween costume.  

So, over burgers, milkshakes, and fries, Oliver
(with the help of Gigs and his best friend Asher), 
retold the harrowing tale of Oliver "sending it" 
over a jump a little too far, and basically 
what I gathered was Ollie's bike somehow ran him over.
Gigs outlined Ollie's body in the dirt for proof of the incident.
Grateful it wasn't worse, grateful for the good gear 
(that we JUST bought) that protected his growing body.
Next time remind me to tell you about the sweet wheelie 
Claire managed to accomplish on another outing.

We are all headed to Utah today to enjoy family time,
 mountain air, and STORMS!

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