Tuesday, October 08, 2019

General Conference weekend October '19

As far as General Conferences go,
this past conference was the best one yet.
Our family social medial fast was so helpful as we focused our thoughts,
our prayers, and our actions in preparation to hear God speak 
to us through His modern-day Prophet, Apostles and Church leaders.
My mind was clearer and teachable going into conference.
Also, my prayers were heard and North Carolina took 
the temperature down a few notches.
It finally felt like fall- a little bit anyway.
As usual, we pulled out the blow-up mattresses, stocked the fridge with food, 
and didn't hardly leave The White House the whole weekend.

We worked on our Halloween napkin embroidery collection,
(last spring we made Easter napkins), and
had traditional conference breakfast of Ebelskivers (Danish Pancakes).
On Saturday evening the girls and I met our other "sisters" Paige and 
Grace Holland for dinner, and then watched the
 General Women's Session together
at the church across from the new glorious Raleigh temple.
I will admit late Sunday evening when everything was over 
I felt a little overwhelmed.  I have so many things to work on,
so much to be better at, and with all the new policy and 
structural changes in the Church, I feel like I have so much to catch up on.
Then I felt a little left behind and exhausted.
I lamented to Christian as we lay
 in our dark bedroom under the covers, where I tearfully shared all 
my feelings and all my inadequacies to him.
I feel a huge load and serious responsibility as
 I raise my five children to look to Christ
and become His disciples and missionaries.
I feel this way because I want to do it right.
There is so much material provided by the Church, so much to read,
and internalize, and some days it's all I can do to get through one
chapter of The Book of Mormon.
(I really REALLY appreciated President Ballard's talk).
Above all, I need to remind myself just as the Nielson family 2019-2020 theme
states that that everything we do is FOR HIM!
And when I have that mindset it becomes clearer and
any weight I feel is bearable and even lifted.
Also we are counselled to
 "...not run faster or labor more than you have strength."
And I know the Lord will give me strength especially
as I mother my children in these confusing and often overwhelming days.
My priority and greatest part of the day
 is preparing dinner for my family.  
I love sitting down together eating and talking about our day
because I know that this ALWAYS leads into
a gospel-centered conversation which is so uplifting, and unifying.
If I can create that environment everyday with my children,
then I feel like I have succeeded, and Satan's disgusting
claws can't be anywhere near our family.
I am so thankful for Christian who helps me shine in Motherhood.
 He helps protect my time and encourages me to 
find and set priorities in this sacred role that I love.
After conference officially ended on Sunday evening, our sister Missionaries
came over to have dinner and celebrate NICHOLAS turning 13!
I made a giant chocolate cake and we went around the table
sharing our favorite Nicholas stories.
I shared with everyone his birth story, and how giant of a baby he was!
I hope he felt special, he is SUCH a special boy in our family!

Onward Christian Soldiers!

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