Monday, September 23, 2019

Just the two of us.

This weekend the older Nies plus Mr. Nielson went on
 a camping trip to the Outer Banks.
The weather was nice, the water lovely, but the mosquitoes were
devastating, especially for Nicholas who came home from the trip looking like
he had chickenpox.
At The White House, Lottie and I had the 
whole weekend planned, in fact, she 
made a list of all the things she wanted to do together.
The list included things like:
 eat out (twice!), sleep in my bed (she's a little heating pad...whew!), 
watch a movie, (2019 Aladdin- much to my chagrin),
 buy a toy, (a little vet kit from Target),
make a treat, (hot chocolate),
 decorate for Halloween (smoking Scary Sharif Skeleton:),
make books together (have you heard of,
and read books together, (I pulled out all our Halloween ones!!).
I added, "go to the nursery" on the list so we could start planting
 our fall foliage around The White House. 
And early Saturday morning we planted 
mums, ornamental cabbage, coleus, and something else
that's bright red and gorgeous.
I don't know what I would do without Lottie.  
I love hearing her little voice in the back of the car talking
 to me about everything important in her little world,
because everything that is important to her
is important to me!
This week begins the Raleigh Temple open house, 
we are so excited to bring our friends to see this beautiful place!
Last Saturday was officially the first day of the tours,
and over 8,000 people attended!
( I'll be there every evening this week!)

(My Favorite!)

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