Wednesday, September 11, 2019

God-fearing people everywhere

We will never forget.

"Today, the world remembers the tragic events of September 11, 2001. 
We are still shocked and dismayed at the infamy of those cowardly attacks.

"During the past year, we have come to know the heroic acts 
of men and women whose courage and selflessness 
were manifest on that terrible day. 
So many lost their lives. 
So many friends and families have been deprived of dear ones. 
Today we pause to remember and join in tribute to those whose
 lives were taken and to those who have carried on so bravely in their absence.

"We know that much good has come of these dreadful circumstances. 
From the smoke and ashes of New York, Washington, D.C., Pennsylvania, 
and other areas of the world has arisen a greater sense of unity and
 purpose in ridding the earth of evil and providing for the freedom
 and security of all people.
 We endorse the righteous efforts of God-fearing people 
everywhere in this important endeavor.

"May our Father in Heaven smile upon us all, comfort those who
 continue to mourn, and guide the leaders of nations in the quest for
 justice and liberty, is our sincere prayer."

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