Friday, September 13, 2019


*I don't want to freak anyone out,
 but today is FRIDAY THE 13TH.*

Once a week Christian and I try and go out on a lunch date
so we can go over our calendar, 
plan for up coming events, but mostly so we can talk about our children.
We discuss what they need
 emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and physically.
We talk about what we can do to help them succeed and be happy.
Today in the little corner of the restaurant we both began crying
as we talked about Claire leaving to college
 and beginning a new chapter in her life--and our lives too.
This realization has been harder than I thought it would be.
When we lived in Utah I wasn't too concerned with her leaving
for school since I was pretty sure she'd end up going to school in
the west, specifically Utah.
But living in North Carolina is a game changer and is causing
me anxiety and heartbreak, the good kind...(if there is such a thing)
knowing she will probably leave the nest....and soon.
(She used to look like this, like just yesterday, didn't she?)
Then Christian and I talked about planning one last temple trip this month
to the South Carolina Temple which is over 4 hours away.
  Next month our new Raleigh Temple will be open,
 and will only be 30 minutes from us and we can't wait.
We looked at our calendar to find a good day for our visit
for ONE DAY which had NOTHING scheduled or planned.
It was meant to be.

I know God loves me and knew I needed and wanted
 to serve in the temple, and since He is all-knowing,
I'm pretty sure He allowed for next Wednesday to be
open so Christian and I can dedicate our day for Him.
He does things like that for me all the time.

If you are reading my blog and you live close by, please come
and see this gorgeous sacred building while it is open to the public.
Anyone is welcome!!

Spiritual Enlightenment: Stand Forever (one of my favorite talks)

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