Tuesday, August 06, 2019

Hilton Head

We decided to take the Little Nies on one last
trip for the summer before school begins later this month.
Our dear friends has a family home in Hilton Head, South Carolina,
and invited us to come and spend some time with them.
Our first day here was exciting!
We got caught on the boat in a rainstorm complete with lightning and thunder.
It was dangerous and we sought out shelter from the closest dock.
We pulled over and jumped out as fast as we could.
The lightning was awfully close, and the rain was coming down so hard we could
barely see in front of us.
The dock's owner was really mad that we trespassed on his 
boat deck to find safety from the summer storm.
He demanded we leave and when our friend said there
was no way he was going to take the kids back on the boat in the storm,
he got irritated and called the police.
When the police came 10 minutes later, 
(that was longest 10 minutes of my life),
the officer was very good and understanding to both the 
irrational man, and our families.
He escorted us off the property and to a nearby church
for shelter from the storm.  It was pretty exciting all around.
But I was sure taken back
at how unbelievably rude this man was, and how people
on earth have time and energy to be so cruel.  Yuck.
Other than that disaster, Hilton Head so far has been magical!
And the summer storm was a dream!

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