Friday, August 09, 2019

Goodbye Island

Our last night on the island was spent crabbing on the dock and enjoying
the most breathtaking sunset.
  It just got better and more colorful as time went on.

 And now our vacation has come to a close.
I am sad as I think our next big adventure will be heading back to school:
 (12th, 11th, 9th, 7th, & 2nd grades).
I am also sad to think our lazy summer days are ending.
But I guess I'm looking forward to starting a new school year,
a new family theme, and new adventures.
We have a lot to look forward to, a lot to hope for, 
and a lot of faith to muster.
I loved and really appreciated this particular part:
"The marvel of our physical bodies is often overlooked or underappreciated. 
Who has not encountered feelings of low self-esteem 
because of physique or appearance? 
Many people wish their bodies could be more to their liking. 
Some with naturally straight hair want it curly. 
Others born with curly hair want it straight.

Ponder the magnificence of what you see when you look in the mirror. 
Ignore the freckles, the unruly hair, or the blemishes, 
and look beyond to see the real you—a child of God,
 created by Him in His image."
I am SO grateful for my body!!!
I will admit though, summer and swimming suit-time is always a dread.
I feel inadequate, self-conscious, and a lot of times ugly.
But words like those are boosters to my knowledge of who I really am,
and what really matters!
I hope I have and am continually teaching that important lesson to 
my beautiful girls.  They are perfect!

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