Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Jonesons Day 9, The End

Jonesons = the end.
The Jonesons have adjourned until next time. 
This morning Lindsay washed my hair in the kitchen sink,
then she helped me clean up, sweep the floors,
 and put laundry and dishes away. 
What am I going to do without her when I wake up and she's gone?!
My favorite part was in the day was in the evening
 when we waltzed around
UNC campus admiring the giant ancient trees
and amazing architecture.

We also drank the water at the magic fountain on the UNC campus.
This 100 plus-year-old legend promises one sip from this
 magical fountain will guarantee
straight A's!!  Here's to hoping!

We finished off the night strong with a
 epic lightning and thunder show.
Can't beat a North Carolina summer storm!
We also let off some pretty amazing fireworks as a goodbye send-off, too.

I hate saying goodbye!
My heart will be heavy, and I fear I might feel a little depressed
without this family in my home- especially Linds.

 I think the saying absence makes the heart grow fonder 
can apply to anyone! 
Until next time, 
the Jonesons signing off...

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