Wednesday, July 03, 2019

He keeps His promises.

Last school year was a little rough on one of my boys.
He was often picked on at school, and
it was so heartbreaking and frustrating.
Christian and I would stay up late at night
wondering why this hardship was happening to our sweet son-
especially since he was so wonderful and good.
Wasn't moving again to a new state hard enough?   
Now he was at a new school navigating new friend circles who had much 
different standards.  This was certainly an adjustment.
Often Christian, our son, and I would kneel together to pray and ask
 God to comfort him, and help us find answers to questions.
As the year progressed he did find a few great friends-
and one friend in particular.
Weeks before school let out, and before we moved across town,
 son came to us again worried that once we moved,
he would lose the relationships he had created with his buddies.

Christian and I took him to get a treat.
Often we do this when we want our children's undivided attention because 
the three of us sit in the front seat of Christian's truck and 
drive around for a good hour.
It's bound for some open conversation.  

Interestingly earlier that day I had knelt at my
 bedside to ask God to please help my son.
I immediately felt impressed that I needed to promise 
son that God would offer a solution to his problem.
I didn't know when or how this problem would work out,
 and I will admit inside I felt a
 little faithless as I told him the experience I had earlier that day.

For weeks together we fasted, prayed and he showed faith,
and we didn't forget God's promise.
But the days went by with little or no change then 
the school year ended, and then we moved houses.
After we had lived in The White House for about a week, I felt
 moved in enough to make a nice sit-down meal for the family!  
It was a true celebration.  Finally normalcy after
days of confusion, endless boxes, and take-out.
 I set the table, lit candles, and poured bubbly with our meal.
 Christian said a blessing on the food, and 
seconds after we said Amen, son looked out the window and
saw a man walking past the house with his dog.
He stood up and said that he knew him as the father of 
his good friend from school.

But what was his friends father doing walking past our house?
Son left the dinner table to text his friend.
"Hey, I swear I saw your dad walking past my house.
Is he wearing a orange shirt today?"
"Yes" came the reply.
"Wait, do you live in the _______ subdivision?"
"Yes, wait.... do YOU?"
"Yes! Walk to _______ street".
Minutes later his friend showed up under our street sign.
The two of them stayed outside talking and exploring the neighborhood.
Hours later he came home and told us that his good friend from school
lived around the corner just a few houses down and he had no idea.
(How could we know?
Boys don't share that kind of information!)
We reflected on the months before when God made him a promise
that He would show him a solution, and He lived up to His promise.
God always lives up to His promises-- if we live up to ours.
I have seen this happen in my life, and love to see my
children experience it in theirs.

Now our summer days are full with boys on motorcycles in
empty fields, dog walks, football games, night games, and bike rides.

Yay for friends, promises kept, and stinky boys.

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