Thursday, July 25, 2019

Dirty Feet

Across the street from The White House is a 
playground that is hidden among thick trees.
We call it the secret playground.  In fact we didn't know it even 
existed until after we were good and moved in, 
 then a neighbor told us about it.  It's truly a secret gem!
Lottie loves it there, (except that one time when she jumped into 
the tire swing and into a wasps nest).

Tonight while Mr. Nielson and the other Little Nies were at mutual,
Lottie and I walked over to play.
I pushed her in the swings (she loves underdogs),
I attempted the zip line contraption (I am a wimp),
we ran around, then I sat and watched her slide down the slide
over and over again.  She was so happy.
I reflected back earlier in the day when she had asked me to take her
to the secret playground, and I said
 "later", and "in a minute", and "ask one of your siblings".
I was feeling guilty.
I am trying to cherish her age and do these simple things with her, and
my heart sinks every time I think about her going into 2nd grade.
When the sun was setting, we came home and I made her a peanut butter
and jelly sandwich (per her request), then put her in the tub where I  
sat on the edge talking to her and scrubbed her dirty feet.
I wish I could mother little kids forever and ever.

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