Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Summer talk

I have two teenage daughters who feel more like adults.
We had a heart-to-heart tonight complete with tears and heartache.
We ironed out some things, talked about issues, and got about
40 misquote bites walking around the muggy soccer field 
with Angus and Lottie in tow.
It's hard for me to encourage my girls to "act their age" 
when they so badly want to move ahead.
It's been interesting and frustrating to find the balance in this situation.
They still have so much growing up to do, 
and so many experiences to have with kids their age.
But a lot of the time they don't feel like they fit in,
and I know how they feel.  

I probably have an adult-type version of this problem.
I often feel anti-social and tend go inward and gravitate to people
who I am most comfortable with (Christian).
  Often that means I avoid
and turn down social events and experiences for more comfortable situations. 
The balance is being able to put people before what I want, or what
I think would be fun because it's not all about me,
or about what I can get out of it.

And I believe that once the girls and I figure that out,
we will be so much happier in our lives and with ourselves.
So our summer talk was just as much for me as it was for them.
I am so proud of my girls!
They are smart, motivated, kind, and have so much light.
They have plans for the future and include God in all their decisions.
And really, I couldn't ask for anything more.

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