Thursday, May 09, 2019

This Morning

This is what 6:30 am looks like in my room
before I wake Sleeping Beauty and the"BBD" (Big Black Dog)
Who manages to sleep under my bed:

Around 7:30, I received a text 
from Christian with a photo:
A tree out of the blue fell onto a car in front of Mr. Nielson.  
Close call!!
It was so weird because the weather wasn't bad and there was no wind.
The tree just decided "I'm out" and then fell.
I know the feeling.  Sometimes so much weight, responsibilities, 
worry, and stress just causes me to to want to fall over and check out. 
I think it's OK to admit that.

By 8:00 I was running in the park,
It's always a treat when Christian joins me 
because he always picks up Angus's droplets,
and I take a photo of it (of course):

The girls and I are headed to Utah today for
the much anticipated PROM!

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