Thursday, May 16, 2019

The Circus.

We took off from RDU last Thursday bound for Utah, and it was a circus.
First of all, we got off to a late start, then got caught in major traffic
on the way to the airport.
Once we pulled into airport avenue I panicked as I searched for my license.
I couldn't find it.  My stomach was in knots.
Tears began falling as I told the girls we weren't going to make the flight.
The attitude in the car went from excitement to horrific.
I must of searched my purse 30 times zipping and unzipping
my wallet in desperation.
Luckily I noticed a receipt in the bottom of my purse, and my license
was wrapped inside it.  The relief in the car was palpable.
Christian skidded to the curb and we all jumped out.
The boys helped bring our baggage inside to the check-in counter.
Luckily the line was moving quick.
After we checked our baggage we were directed to another
giant line which wrapped around the 
whole perimeter of the airport that led to security.
It was by this time 5:12 and our airplane doors closed at 5:35.
We weren't going to make it.
Again I tearfully told the girls there was no way the line would move
quick enough for us to make the flight.
I desperately pleaded with several people in our line to
let us ahead of them, most of them were so kind and sympathetic.
At 5:30 we were taking our shoes off to walk through the metal detector, but
clearly we had no time to put our shoes back on.
 Instead we grabbed our shoes, coats, backpacks, and Lottie and
RAN as fast as we could
to our gate which was (of course) the gate furthest away.

I felt like the McCallister's in Home Alone sprinting (barefoot) to our gate
to make our flight.  
As we came to the gate we noticed hoards of people congregating around.
I ran straight to the desk and out of breath asked if our plane had left yet.
"Oh you're luck" the employee said,
 "your flight has been delayed 45 minutes."
We sat down and laughed-cried while we put
 our shoes back on.
We flew to Denver where we had a overnight layover, and
luckily the hotel was connected to the airport.
Denver was freezing, with snow on the ground.
We all commented how nice it was going to be to soak in a tub 
and put our PJ's on.
We found our way to the baggage claim and waited.
One by one we noticed all the people on our flight retrieving their bags 
and leaving until we were alone.
Something was wrong.
I asked an attendant who looked up our luggage and told us
that they had "somehow" continued on to Salt Lake City.
At 11:30 (1:30 our time), we were cold, hungry, and exhausted.
We walked like zombies to our hotel room where we 
immediately called room service.
After dinner we fell asleep in our undies without brushing our teeth.

Before bed I asked Lottie to pray.  
She simply said 
"Thank you Heavenly Father that we made it somewhere
where we can sleep, and bless Peep (her bird).

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