Thursday, April 04, 2019


Lottie's birthday breakfast was
four pancakes, maple syrup, whipped cream, pink sprinkles, 
and a purple candle.
Then at 7:50, Jane escorted her to her class-
we usually don't do this (especially since Clane was late to school),
but you know, since it's her birthday, we pulled out all the stops!

 Around 2:00, Mr. Nielson and I took the Little Nies out of school to surprise Lottie in her class and pass out cookies to all her classmates.
Birthdays only happen once a year, and when it happens to one of us-
it happens to all of us (I always say).
Ollie and Gigs passed out napkins while the girls passed out 
 sugar cookies with pink frosting and sprinkles.
Then we checked her out and loaded in the car for a special surprise.
To enhance the surprise, I brought a special
wrapped gift for Lottie to open in the car.
Inside the wrapped box, she found the much-anticipated roller skates she wanted.
She was thrilled!
But she was even more excited when we told her where we were going:
For most of the Little Nies, it was the first time EVER rollerskating,
(and they did pretty good).
Mr. Nielson and I had the most fun. 
Actually, I take that back; I definitely think
think Mr. Nielson had the most fun.
Lottie had her moments.
She had a rough start, a good middle, and a rough end, but she finished strong.
(The cotton candy helped too). 

For about two hours, we literally had the entire rink to ourselves.

And then there was that one time when I tried to
 skate under Mr. Nielson's legs, and we crashed.
But for the most part, the Little Nies were impressed 
with our skills.
One of my first dates with Mr. Nielson was rollerskating.
We held hands and skated laps listening to
 Back Street Boys and Brittany Spears.
Good times.

I was so proud of my kids, who were not too cool to skate the afternoon
away with their newly seven-year-old sister!

After rollerskating, we ate black bean burgers and had ice cream sundaes.

But the cherry on top of Lottie's special day
was a little yellow parakeet in a little cage waiting for her
on the kitchen table.

I think her name is Peep,
or Banana.
Only tomorrow (and time) will tell.

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