Friday, April 26, 2019

Energy, Time, and Money

I have been so fascinated with 
They are on hillsides, swallowed up in the vines and trees,
 on ordinary roadsides, and tucked deep in the woods.
Some are dilapidated and in terrible shape, while others 
are still standing hollow and sad.
They are gorgeous and mysterious and lonely.
Recently I heard of a home built in the early 1800's in Siler City
which is near our property.
After Mr. Nielson and I ran some errands, we decided 
 to drive by this home before we had to pick up Lottie at the bus stop.
We followed the directions to the house which 
 lead us to a little turnoff covered with trees and vines.  
The road took us up a small dirt path which opened
 up exposing a large white home.
It was a beautiful home with good bones, but in bad shape!
The paint was peeling, the foundation in shambles, and the wooden siding
 hanging on for dear life.
Questions raced through my mind like who lived here?  Who built this home? 
 How many babies were born here,
 how many children learned to walk the halls,
 how many songs were sung on these wide wrap-around porches, 
but my most pressing question was why had this house ended up like this?

Mr. Nielson and I walked around the home gazing in windows, 
admiring the beautiful stained glass, the wide open hallways, 
and gorgeous stone and wooden fireplaces.
Sometimes I think I would want to spend the energy, time, 
and money to fix up an old beautiful home, after all
I believe that they deserve a second chance too!
It's just that it always takes more energy, time, and money
that one plans on, and I'm not sure we have those luxuries.

Spiritual Enlightenment:
"It is in the home that the family learns and applies gospel principles. 
Great love is necessary in order to teach and guide a family.
 Loving fathers and mothers will teach their
 children to worship God in their home."

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