Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Sleeping and Smiling and the Splits

Last night as I was cooking dinner, Mr. Nielson sat down 
with Lottie in the living room while she read books to him.
She is reading so well now, and it's so fun to hear her sound out
words and read sentences.
The book she chose was a little advanced for her and she struggled
through some of the parts.
 I listened as Mr. Nielson helped Lottie piece together
 sounds to make words.  
After a few minutes I could tell she was stuck trying
 to sound out some of the words.
  "Dad, ummm, dad, what's that word?  Dad?"
I heard no response.

 I walked into the living room and found a sleeping (and smiling) Mr. Nielson. 
 (Smiling AND asleep? That's impressive!).
I patted Mr. Nielson on the shoulder, and he perked right up
 trying to pick up where he left off as if he never dozed off.

It was a long day.

PS.  Have you seen the video of James Corden skydiving with Tom Cruise?
Did you know James Corden does the SPLITS on landing?
 Go here (10:46) if you need a good pick-me-up today.

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