Thursday, January 03, 2019

Heaven on 2 wheels.

Oliver turned 14 years old yesterday and 
spent the whole day riding motorcycles.
It was heaven in earth for this teenager.
In the evening Mr. Nielson got reservations for dinner at a fancy shmancy
Japanese restaurant downtown Chapel Hill for the three of us.
Oliver (and Christian) ate scallops, sushi, oysters (with roe),
and vegetable dumplings.
I played it safe and had the lemongrass tofu dish.
We talked about his goals and wishes for his 14th year.
We talked about school, girls, friends, motorcycles, and being a good boy.
He is SUCH a good boy.  I am so proud of him.
Back at home the rest of the Little Nies were waiting for us to come home
to open presents, and (finally) eat the Mexican Chocolate Cake
had made earlier in the day (and that was permeating the house).

Also today I cleaned up from Christmas and
I will admit, it was a totally depressing.
But on we go....welcome JANUARY!

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