Monday, January 07, 2019

Happy 2019!!.

Our family rang in the New Year while celebrating at our friend's home.
There was plenty of good food, games, and 
 about 500 kids running around screaming
and shooting nerf guns.
But I don't know New Year's Eve any other way!
Before the party, the girls and I made New Year's hats.
We even made one for Angus!  He hated it.
But what is New Year's Eve without hats?

Seconds after 2019 rang in, I smooched Mr. Nielson and then 
gathered each Little Nie in my arms for a hug and smooch. 
When it got to be really, really late, we made our way home to sleep until morning,
when we were up and ready for our next official 2019 adventure.

The Polar Plunge!
For many years now, this cold water plunge has been a Nielson tradition.
This invigorating exercise brings in our new year with a kick-start!

This year we jumped into the freezing mucky waters of Jordan Lake.
It was in and out for all of us- even Lottie!
It took some of us (Clane) a lot longer to get in than others of us.
But we all got in!
It was a long walk back to the car in our swimming suits, boots, and robes.
The good news was we had a fire crackling and hot chocolate
waiting for us at a small fire pit near our car.

Next year we thought about a beach plunge!
I'm cold just typing it.
In the evening, I cooked New Year's dinner which consisted of
Hygge pudding with vanilla-infused cherry sauce,
 and plenty of whipped cream.  
And bubbly. Of course, the bubbly!
Now that's a quality New Year's dinner!
In the center of the table, surrounded by glowing candles,
 sat a crisp $10.00 bill for the lucky 
Nielson who discovered the whole almond in his/her pudding.
In order to win the money
ALL the pudding has to be gone before whoever has the
almond can say anything.  That means whoever has the almond has
to keep it hidden in his/her mouth.
That can get tricky.
This year Jane found the almond!
We made her give a little speech (which is a new rule) 
about how she can connect a spiritual analogy to finding the
 almond in the pudding.  She did a wonderful job on the spot.
It was awesome, worth $10.00 awesome!
After dinner and before we left the table, we opened up 
The Book of Mormon and started reading it as a family again.
The Book of Mormon has inspired our family, offered protection,
and given us immeasurable peace throughout changes and challenges.
We love and honor this book!

Happy 2019 to all!

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