Thursday, January 17, 2019


Introducing Fern:
 the newest member of the Nielson home.
Fern is 8 weeks old and was given to Nicholas
just recently as a Christmas present.
Nicholas was shocked on Christmas morning
 since he had NO idea he was getting her, or even asked for a hedgehog.
He was soooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited.
She's is adorable.  We love her- that is, we love her when she's not sleeping.
Since Fern is nocturnal, she's spinning around on her wheel while we are snoozing.
We're kind of like ships passing in the night, 
but usually after dinner Nicholas pulls her
out of her house so we can all mug and play with her.
Last Friday we had two sets of sister missionaries over for
 dinner and Fern was the maid of honor.

Getting to know Fern:

Mr. Nielson and I hand picked her out of about 23 other little hoglets.
We chose her for her calm disposition, and because 
she nestled into my sleeve when I picked her up for the first time.  I melted.
Fern eats kitten food.
Fern is nocturnal.
Fern likes strawberries.
Fern poops a lot when she wakes up.
Fern lives in a heat controlled habitat in the boy's room.
Fern loves to be held.
Fern kinda stinks.
And as it turns out,
I think Claire likes Fern the most in the family:

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