Wednesday, December 05, 2018

Hygge Pudding

When the weather cools down, the Little Nies and Mr. Nielson
begin inquiring about Risalamande- or Danish rice pudding.  
(I call it Hygge Pudding).
It's one of our very favorite dishes.
It warms and fills up bellies, and puts us all in a very Hygge-like mood.
I've made Hygge Pudding a few times here in the Harlow House, but
lately Ollie has asked me to it almost everyday right before I 
drop him off for school.
Today I made some and you'd have thought he'd won the lottery.
(Despite his face, he loves it).
It was milky and creamy and delicious.
The Little Nies smother it in fresh whipped cream and cherry sauce.

Christmas always reminds me of my Scandinavian Heritage complete
with recipes, decorations, and traditions!
* * * * * *

Claire and Jane reported that their friend who they prepared a
sack lunch for was so excited about it and said to them,
"I didn't know you cared!".
That brought tears to my eyes.  How many times in our lives 
do we wonder if someone cares or not.
WE SHOULD CARE, and a simple act of love (or sack lunch),
can do just the trick.

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