Thursday, December 20, 2018

Before we know it....

After school I took the boys and Lottie and we went 
to my favorite park by our house.
It's next to a cow pasture with lots of land for Angus to run.
The sun was warm and while the boys tackled each other
(and Angus), Lottie and I walked around the park and I listened as she told me
all about her teacher and all the fun
 Christmas crafts they've been making.
Then she told me about a classmate who threw up while they made
gingerbread houses in lunchroom,
 and it made her so sick she threw away her house. 
 "It looked like the frosting I put on the house", she said.
Then Lottie ran ahead of me to get in the action with the boys so
I lay down in the crusty grass and let the sun shine in my face.
It was invigorating, but hard believe it was December.

 My grandma Marion used to say at our Clark family Christmas Eve parties:
"Before we know it, it will be the 4th of July!"
And again at our 4th of July parties she would say,
 "Before we know it, it will be Christmas."
And she's right, sometimes I feel like life is just flying by
and I can't stop it.
But as I lay in the grass that afternoon listening to my children scream 
and laugh, I felt like life slowed down for at least an hour.

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