Friday, November 16, 2018

Wake up!

Yesterday Mr. Nielson and I went into Lottie's class to talk to her 
classmates about my why we're burned. 
 Last month I was in the class helping out with the Halloween party, 
and there were a few very inquisitive children.  
They wanted to know what happened to me, why my lips were so fat,
 and where the heck my pinkie went.
I had one sweet little girl in particular who was so very curious
 about my accident she couldn't stop commenting about it. 
She didn't mean to be rude, she's only six for crying out loud.
 But it planted a little seed in my head and so I asked
 Lottie's sweet teacher if I could come to class at some point
during the school year.
So yesterday Mr. Nielson and I walked into the classroom 
to a room full of very well-behaved children.
They were sitting on the floor waiting for us to walk in the room
 and when we did they waved to us, and immediately my heart swelled.
Children are so good and kind and innocent.
The seek for truth and look to grown-ups for trust and learning, and 
honestly I felt honored to be there.
I started out asking if the children knew anyone who
 had a disability of any kind. All the kids hands shot up.
 I listened as the students told me stories about their uncle, 
brother, mom, neighbor, or fellow classmate. 
 I even had a student tell me he knew a vegetarian!!!    
We discussed about differences and the importance of
 loving and respecting everyone (even vegetarians!).
At one point I asked Lottie to tell her classmates what I tell her everyday
before school.
The kids turned around and looked at her and she said,
"Wake up?"
Christian and I laughed.
(Lottie is a tough one to get up in the morning.
It's kind of a struggle).
What I really tell her everyday before school
 is to remember that her heart is the most beautiful thing about her and 
if her heart is beautiful, then everything else in her life will follow.

But "wake up!" works too.

Spiritual Enlightenment: "Come unto Me" 

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