Monday, October 08, 2018

Welcome Back

I am back to the blogging and social media world.
I have gained some very valuable lessons from stepping away last month.
Over the past weeks I have considered heavily saying goodbye to my blog forever, 
but my heart can't ignore the spirit urging me forward.
My part in "publishing peace" goes far beyond what haters are willing to
say or do to bring down me and the light in the world.
I can't explain it-- and I don't feel like I have to.
My game plan is to keep going--typos and all.
 With my faith firm and steadfast,
 I will fight on typing for my children and for my posterity.
I'll type for me, and for anyone who through
my simple writing can feel God.

Blogging has always been very personal for me because most 
of my blog is about me, my husband, my darling children,
 our family choices, our faith and religion as 
members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

I mentioned in a post I wrote last month that I would be
 making some changes to my blog (and my social media outlets). 
These changes must be made in order for me to continue to live on a blog.
 I've always thought most people were good and
while I realize no one is perfect,
 for the most part people generally have good intentions.

Additionally, I have always known about websites 
where blogs are discussed and ripped apart in a very degrading way.
 Hate seethes out of each word they type and the
 devil laughs with each sentence posted.
 He laughs at those who are being hurt and laughs at the suckers
 who listen to him as they disrespect and marginalize others.
In his world, he is making fools out of all of us. 
I want you to know that for every hate e-mail and degrading word
I have received, I can overwhelmingly say
 that I get hundreds of good and loving e-mails.
Thank you, thank you so much!
I am not perfect but I want to follow Christ because He is perfect
and I need Him in my life especially as I raise children in a
 very unforgiving and darkening world.
I want every aspect of my life to reflect His name and His works.
His light is unstoppable and there is nothing that
anyone tries that will ever stop it.
Nothing. Ever.

over the next few days (weeks possibly) I will be playing catch-up
on my life while I was away on a much needed social media fast.  
Thanks for sticking with me.

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