Tuesday, September 11, 2018


I hate getting my haircut.
I always have.
I think the worst part is that I leave the salon looking cute
and can never recreate the look and it's disappointing.
A few years ago my friend (and hairstylist), Amber told me that
she thought I'd look cute with bangs.
Before I knew it I was in her kitchen getting bangs.
The thing with bangs is that they need to be trimmed, like all the time.
To keep my bangs in tip-top shape, 
Amber gave Christian a little crash course on bang trims.
Then I let him cut my hair.
Most trims were good!  Some better than others, and
  after living at the ranch I could clearly see where
he was getting his inspiration from:
Did you know cows have bangs?  Like super cute short bangs. 
 And when I say super cute, I mean super cute for a COW.
Sometimes after a bang trim, Christian would say:
"This is seriously the best cut I've done!".
Then I would get out of the shower and not leave the house for
 approximately 5-7 days until the bangs grew out a bit.
I asked my new friend Sarah who
 works at a Salon to refresh Mr. Nielson on bang trims
(but we call them bang-bangs around my house thanks to
Claire who started calling them that around age five).
Anyway, it was a very educational evening for all of us.
* * * * * * * *
I remember very distinctively where I was on September 11, 2001
when I heard of the attacks back east.
I remember turning on the TV and watching live as a plane crashed
into the second tower in New York City.
  I will never forget how sick I felt.
I remember feeling confused and mad and then totally overwhelmed.
I was 8 months pregnant with Claire and worried about bringing
a beautiful innocent baby girl into the world after such hateful acts.
I love how time can heal wounds and heartache- 
it can't take it away, but it can certainly help.

"Remove any of your fear with faith.
Trust the power of God to guide you"

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