Friday, September 21, 2018

After a lot of thought....

A few days ago I got a text from my brother Matt,
who he said:
"Baboon way to top the list."
(Did you know my brother Matt calls me "Baboon"?
He nicknamed me that the second he lay eyes on me
in 1981 when I was just hours old- and he was about 12 years old).
Matt added this link in his text.
(And I feel truly honored!!).
* * * * *
I've been really reflecting on my experience as a blogger.
 After a lot of thought, I've decided to make some changes in 
the way I blog and publish my life, feelings, and ideas.
These changes will help protect myself, my family, 
and seriously, my anxiety levels.
Blogging for me has always been to keep a record for my posterity, 
glorify God, and do His work.  
Through blogging I have met some incredible people and organizations.  
I have been places, tried new things, and have
helped provide financially for my family. 
And perhaps you'll notice these changes-- and maybe you won't,
 I've put in a lot of thought and prayer into these decisions.
I will continue to try and "publish peace"
 with "tidings of great joy" (1 Nephi 13:37)  
as I write about families, love, Jesus Christ, 
God's plan for His children, homemaking, 
rearing, raising, and teaching children, learning, growing
enduring, hardships, and the scriptures.
I believe I will find greater purpose in the "blogosphere",
and exactly where I fit into it.
Most importantly, I want to stay true to myself,
my beliefs, my children and family. 
I am sure I will write more about this effort as the days go on.
It has really been occupying my thoughts for some time now.
* * * * *
Happy weekend!
Did you KNOW (I'm trying to contain myself),
 the first DAY OF FALL IS ON SATURDAY!!!!!!!!
I'm planning to make chili and cornbread for dinner,
 whip put my Star Anise candle,
and pull out the Halloween books to celebrate!
But....come on heat and humidity: 
give a girl a break already!!!
* * * * * 
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for Hurricane Florence HERE

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